In Home Cooking Lessons


We believe that if you can read and measure, you can cook!

We will come to your home and teach you one of our

pre-set menus or one you design.

~ Food is social...invite your family, friends, or neighbors...or give a cooking lesson as a gift to celebrate a special occasion.

~ Each lesson is approx. 2 hours long...we will review basic cooking techniques, prepare the food, and then eat!

~ We will provide the ingredients, instruction, and any special equipment necessary to prepare the meal.

~ The price of the lesson varies depending on the menu and number of participants.

~ You will receive a copy of the recipe and a shopping list of all ingredients so you can prepare the menu again in the future.

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“I took an Introduction to Italian Cooking class with Ann Marie my junior year of college and it was AWESOME! Throughout the course of the class we learned how to prepare delicious, gourmet Italian meals with much less effort and time than I would have expected. This class inspired me not only to recreate the dishes we prepared, but also to get  creative in the kitchen on my own. It was such a fabulous experience, and I learned a lot about cooking and how fun it can be. And the best part was getting to eat the food at the end of the class!”

~ Katie (Dartmouth ’08)